Get Involved

Teach or TA

Teaching is a four-week commitment in an eight-week session. Being a teacher's assistant is a four-week commitment as well. Teachers work with our team using a pre-structured curriculum around design-centric exercises that is set to your teaching comfort.

Work With Our Team

Our team is made up of committees that work on specific programs which include working with teachers, schools, the community, marketing, and fundraising. Use you skills and help us continue our work with young people throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

IP Friends

We are constanly looking for the right "friends"/partnerships that allow our organization to work with other like-minded organizations, businesses and individuals who also believe in bringing design to young people's lives. If you serve a community that you think we benefit from IP's services, or if you'd like to sponsor IP, please provide us with your information and we will be in touch with you.

Be an IP Advocate

Don't have time to teach or join our team? Be an Advocate and help us by getting the word out to your networks, schools and local community. We want to get the word out about our classes to as many people as possible.