Teacher + TA Profiles

Our profile page identifies design practitioners who have devoted time to work with the Inneract Project to teach and expose young people in the community to careers in design. Teachers come from a variety of backgrounds and represent a variety of design disciplines. Browse our teacher profiles to get to know our teachers and TAs and what they do.

Gabriel Hernandez
Art Director
Katie Miller
Graphic Designer
Kathryn Jaller
CJM, IP Education Committee
Amanda Cleary
Megan Gilman
Communication Designer
Tim Harrington
Graphic Designer
Greg Crawford
Graphic Designer
Veronica Kainz
UX/Web Designer
Chetana Deorah
Graphic/UX Designer
Audrey Gordon
Marketing / Art Director
Jessica Greenwalt
Graphic Designer
Karla Lockhart
Architecture / Industrial Design
Louisa Parris
Fashion Designer
Eloise Leigh
Graphic Designer
Nicole Wilson
Senior Support Services Specialist and Videographer
Karolina Pormanczuk
Office Manager
Zach Friedman
Life and everything design related
Andy Proehl
UX Designer
Stephanie Houston
Architectural, Urban Designer
Kathy Kurtak
Amy Yip
Graphic Designer
Fabienne Jach
Creative Director / Graphic Design
Kirsten Mollema
Interior Design Assistant
Mayene de Leon
Shakeam Campbell
Graphic Designer
Stanley Yeung
Graphic Designer
Stephanie Yee
Graphic Designer
Tim Belonax
Graphic Designer
Todd Zimmer
Graphic Designer
Victoria Gouzikovski
Graphic Designer
Eric Strenger
Freelance Illustrator / Web Designer
Doni Conner
Doni is a freelance illustrator, part-time illustration teacher, and graphic designer.
Amanda Boesen
Graphic Designer
Brian Bartram
Video Game Designer
Wilfredo Valle
Freelance Designer and Photographer
Jennifer Berney
Graphic Design / UI Design
Melissa Castloo
Art Director / Interactive Designer
Katy Brown
Book designer
Diane Lee
Graphic Designer
Tony Ballew-Ruiz
Graphic Designer
John Bellamy
Graphic Designer
Jennifer Mullin
Education and Engineering
Jason (Jay) Demetillo
Visual/Experience Design
Maxwell Chen
UI/UX Design
Yanin (Yan) Kramsky
Product/Interaction/Visual Design
Stephanie Starch
Web/Graphic Design
Shirleen Lavalais
Graphic Designer
Carla Johnson
Jason Seldon
Publication Design
Jenny Lin
Photography/Graphic Design
Kathleen Phelps
Graphic Design
Conner Hunihan
3rd Grade Teacher
Danita Delce
Designer at Pandora