Dec 31, 2013

This morning I woke up with an incredible urge to say something about what we have been through and what we will be working towards. These are my thoughts, not meant to be a manifesto or some scholarly monologue, but a personal reflection of why Inneract Project is such an important tool for not only exposing youth and communities to design, but empowering lives and creating opportunities for underserved youth. I truly believe that using the talents we have as individuals, whether big or small, can create change in the lives of kids in our communities. I also believe design presents a huge opportunity for young people, and I have supported this idea well before this was a popular notion.

Over the past year, Inneract Project has...

Apr 19, 2013

Join us as we kick off our new program, learning labs, this June to September. Learning Labs are one-day educational events that feature short lectures by design professionals, design-centric workshops, and tours of design studios and museums. They cater to everyone – from students to their parents to the broader community – and aim to serve as an interactive and engaging way to explore many facets of the design industry.  Learning Labs can supplement the Youth Design Academy curriculum or be sampled on a standalone basis as an introduction to the field. In the past, our programming has been focused on middle school students. Learning labs open the doors to high schoolers. Check our site regualrly to see the latest...

Dec 28, 2012


The Inneract Project is dedicated to keeping our classes free to ensure that all students, regardless of background, have equal educational opportunities. Our program was founded on this principle and continues to adhere to it. The flow of our courses, however, is disrupted when students who sign up for classes drop out or only attend some sessions. Therefore, Inneract Project is adding a refundable commitment fee of $50 to our classes. The fee is payable upon course enrollment, but students who finish the 8 week session without missing more than 1 class will receive a full refund as well as a certificate of completion and a keepsake from the class.

Each year we reflect on ways to make our program better. We hope...

Jan 25, 2011

Design is all around us – logos, architecture, furniture, packaging, websites, technology, fashion, and endless other places. The topic / profession has recently come to the forefront of the press and social media due to new startups’ need for “designers” but it has always been, and will continue to be, a fundamental discipline and process – a way of thinking, an agent for solving today’s most difficult problems. The term “design” can refer to a job, a function, or an industry designation – but, at Inneract Project, we believe it is a skill that everyone, regardless of profession, can and should leverage.

Design is not taught in traditional K-12 education. Some...

Jan 25, 2011

Diversity is a concern that spans all design disciplines. We cannot efficiently and effectively solve problems in the world today without the input of diverse subsets of people. Diversity sparks creativity, brings new ideas to the table, and broadens our perspectives. Inneract Project’s mission is to encourage minorities and lower income children to learn design and contribute their experience and ideas to the field. Our program works with young people, primarily from African American, Hispanic and Asian decent, and from middle to low socioeconomic backgrounds.

Finding the best solutions to problems requires diversity – different types of people with different backgrounds and skill sets have unique perspectives and...