About Inneract Project

Our mission is to provide free design education to inner-city youth and their communities, to serve as a facilitator to aspiring career designers and to mentor youth to pursue higher education.

Video Documentaries

Design is all around us – logos, architecture, furniture, packaging, websites, technology, fashion, and endless other places. Inneract Project aims to educate the community about design, the opportunity to pursue design as a worthwhile and valuable profession, and how to leverage design to solve real-world problems. IP is producing a series of short videos documenting an ongoing conversation with designers, celebrities and everyday people about the importance of design and how much we rely on design in our everyday lives. The videos aim to spark interest, spur conversation, and raise awareness of the field of design.

Youth Design Academy

Youth Design Academy (YDA) introduces middle school students to basic principles of design. The program emphasizes conceptual, analytical and creative thinking through a sequence of design exercises that encourage idea generation, exploration and creation.

YDA is structured as eight weekly classes, held on Saturdays for four hours each at two locations in the Bay Area. Classes are led by two teachers and three teacher aides. During the 8-week session, students work with teachers to develop their creative potential through the exploration of various design concepts, such as shape, form, typography, composition, and prototyping.

Learning Labs

Learning Labs are one-day educational events that feature short lectures by design professionals, design-centric workshops, and tours of design studios and museums. They cater to everyone – from students to their parents to the broader community – and aim to serve as an interactive and engaging way to explore many facets of the design industry.  Learning Labs can supplement the  Youth Design Academy curriculum or be sampled on a standalone basis as an introduction to the field.

General Overview

Inneract Project (IP) is a professionally-supported program that provides free design classes and initiatives to inner-city youth, in order to introduce them to the field of design and channel their creativity into viable career paths. Our program includes 1) a Youth Design Academy, which is one 8-week class session per year that provides students with hands-on design exercises, all taught by professional designers 2) Learning Labs, which are one-day interactive design education events throughout the year, and 3) Designed., an ongoing video series documenting designers, celebrities and everyday people’s stories about design.